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Simon F. Post
December 25, 2016

my name is Simon Franklyn from US; over the past eight years i have been having strange ailment, i have gone to the hospital but the doctors keep telling me that they can see anything wrong with me. when i met Papa Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa on facebook he asked if i am a believer which i answered yes he asked what my expectations are from the Lord i told him about my ailment. He instructed me to fast for a day; it was a fearful instruction because i also have a chronic ulcer but i followed His instruction; surprisingly i was able to complete the fasting. after the fasting He asked me to sow into a womans' life He gave me the woman's contact. the day i sow he prayed for me and he asked if i can still see my ailment i answered no with Faith the night of it at night for the first time in eight years i was able to sleep. As at 3pm in the morning i felt a mighty hand on my chest when i woke up i found that the wound all over my body had gone i could walk normally. it is a miracle i am still surprise of till. Ever since i have never visited any hospital. Praise be the God of the Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. if you are in need of a miracle contact him on may the God of my Prophet answer you.

the w. Post
May 18, 2016
Urgent alert advising all Jesus Christ believers -I am witness seeing two identical images of Jesus Christ. Testimony video "Christ testimony of the churches around the world". The spirit of antichrist was already at work and continues to this day until the coming of Lord Jesus. Holy scriptures were counterfeited during Roman Empire times by certain men who added and took away words of prophecy Rev22:18. they started Roman Catholic Church. They transferred tampered scriptures of original Torah into a book they called Holy Bible. Holy Bible book contains mixture of counterfeited and original scriptures. The original writings of prophecy found on 2Thess2:15. These men changed Torah Is9:5-6 to KJVIs9:6-7. this is Rom1:23,25 (1Pet1:23) and Rev13:18!
They change testimony of Mary's conception into a fable 2pet1:16. They change genealogy in the scriptures to deter the bloodline of David leading to Messiah Jesus. Joseph and Mary were married and intimate but Mary found without child (Baron). God only opens and closes the womb Gen30:22;Is66:9. God open Mary's womb to receive Joseph son of David's seed for natural conception Rom8:3;Rom1:3.
They change Sabbath to a Roman sun god worship day. They change the wording of the mystery of God to cover up the true testimony of Jesus Rev10:7. I am witness to seeing image of beast and mystery of Iniquity coming from inside these worship buildings. The Lord calling his people to truth study original Torah and compare to Holy Bible scriptures you will see where holy scriptures were tampered 2Tim2:15. the chosen disciples knew men were teaching another Jesus and changing word of God Acts20:28-31;1John 2:18-19. Must come out of worship buildings. get into prayer for coming prophecy Joel God's Spirit pour out upon all flesh then immediately follows Great Trib Rev7:2-3. Again people of God get into prayer to escape plagues coming to any building set up for worshiping God 2:thess2:4. Many believers who read this message will see the image Matt24:15; Rev17:8. Jesus knew about the image and overcame it by the true Spirit of God Luke4:9.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 19, 2016

berth l. Post
July 20, 2015
When I heard about paula whites email prayer line ( ) from a friend,actually he is my doctor,I thought it was just a game until he persuaded me to give it a try and I sent a prayer request to the email for a contract I was pursuing and for the fruit of the womb for my wife.After we did what pastor told us to do,my contract documents was miraculously signed,after two years of rejection and my wife was delivered of a bouncing baby girl few weeks ago.My mother"s 17 years in emotional bondage,Paralyzed mind/brain,movement,and nerve disease have been healed through this prayer network also and my finances have improved.I am giving the email address to anyone who need God"s favor in their lives
rev joshua h. Post
August 15, 2014

Thank you for considering an investment into the lives of those men who serve Christ by serving the Church. We at 67 believe we have a unique opportunity to impact lives through strengthening local pastors so that they can more effectively proclaim the gospel and equip their congregations to reach out to their communities.

We would ask you to prayerfully consider a sustaining gift of a regular amount to help us start more 67 groups and expand into other cities that are in need of this ministry.

We are grateful for any gift and ask for your prayers as we seek to reach out and accomplish our mission.

Please indicate the amount you would like to give by completing the easy form below. All gifts are tax deductible and will go directly to the ministry of 67.

$2,700 I would like to fund the start-up of a new 67 group
$1,000 I would like to support an existing 67 group for one year
$500 I would like to send a 67 group on a weekend spiritual encounters retreat

for ways to reach out more and help reach the needy email us at
patricia c. Post
June 23, 2014
dear pastor blake even though we are family not only in the physical also in the spritual I will be visting your website often
Pat N. Post
May 29, 2013
Dear Tower of Refuge Church,

I was led to your website by a divine appointment. I am excited to see what God is going to do as I examine your teachings, especially concerning Sons of God. Please be encouraged in your service that your ministry is reaching far and wide, By His grace and His perfect plan. God bless you.

Pat Nolan
David W. Post
March 13, 2013
Hello Pastor! I read your article on the Tares being taken first. It was very insightful and easy to follow. Thanks for the clarification on such a obscured subject!

Beverly D. Post
September 13, 2012
Apostle Jesse, I praise God for allowing me to meet you and your lovely wife at the August 2012 Kingdom Conference in N.C. Your encouragement and prayers blessed me as God began to do a new thing in me. Thank you for inviting to your website for it has blessed me as I looked at and listened to several of the messages here. I will be visiting often to partake of all that is being offered about the Kingdom of God.
Benson M. Post
June 30, 2012
Thank you for your time on the phone today,truly and honor to talk to you.
Benson and Dee Martinez
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