About Our Pastor

Pastor J.Blake

Pastor J. Blake



Personal History:

  1. A native of Savannah, GA
  2. A graduate of Savannah State College with a B.S in Industrial Arts.
  3. Married to the late Theresa Blake and the parents of two sons.

Professional History:

  1. Retired teacher from the Richmond County School System.
  2. Ministry license received from Savannah Deliverance Center, Inc. Savannah, GA
  3. Served as a minister under the late Pastor Lillie Matthew, Augusta, GA. 

 Church History:

  1. Tower of Refuge Church was established in February 1983.
  2. The church received their 501(c) 3 tax status in October 2000.
  3. The church has a daily radio broadcast on WKZK 10:30 AM 1600 AM & 103.7FM Monday-Friday.
  4. Serves as a moderator and advisor of the Kingdom Summit Ministry (consisting of several churches) which meet on the second Monday of each month.
  5. The church vision is that Christians grow up into spiritual maturity;(Eph.4:12)and the fullness of the Godhead be manifested in our flesh.(2Corinth. 4:11)
  6. Tower of Refuge Church is part of a network of other kingdom churches in which the pastors travel from cities and states to support the principles of "Kingdom" teaching.
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